Evelyn was experiencing severe low back pain and she couldn’t drive to Dr. Jeudi’s Clinic because the pain was so intense. She called Dr. Jeudi and Dr. Jeudi have her sit in a safe place so she can offer remote Tao Hands to Evelyn. After the session was over, Evelyn pain improved and she fell asleep.
Evelyn on Dragon Ball Energy
I sincerely thank Dr.Jeudi, Yoong, Vivienne, Scott, and John for being guided to create such a beautiful and powerful team.

Like many others, I have always loved dragons. I would watch animated cartoons, movies and read books on dragons and feel really sad that such a thing was not possible in today's world, and when I heard about dragon blessings, and the dragon activation through the dragon team, my heart and soul jumped for joy!! I knew in my heart that this was it and finally the wait was over!

The dragon activation has been indescribably powerful because this has empowered us to not just move ahead, but to surge ahead and open our wings to soar in our life's and soul's journeys. I had experiences of seeing my dragons, when I slept, and felt them, and spoke in an ancient mix of languages..it's been phenomenal!!

With the Divine Dragons everything in my life has amplified to a level beyond anything I could have dreamed of! They have boosted me in every way possible by guiding me, protecting me, and just being there for me every step of the way.

I invite the dragons to be with me at all times, even when I do healing, and their presence itself magnifies the energies, vibrations and frequencies, and uplifts the field being created during healing sessions/workshops and even day to day life. Their Divine powers needs to be experienced personally!!

The Dragon Team has been extremely supportive by guiding us and helping us in order to overcome our obstacles and just being with everyone, including all the dragons has helped me to align myself more fully with Spiritual path, and with the Divine much more strongly. It is extraordinary how the divine dragons help us in getting to where we want to be in such a short span of time and loving and supporting us so unconditionally.

I am so thankful to Dr.Jeudi, Vivienne, Scott, Yoong, and John for all that you do for us, it's just amazing being with all of you, and feels like I have found my family. It's a dream come true for me, it truly is! Thank you!!!!! Go dragon team!! 🙏😀

Regards, Harsha
Harsha Singh on Dragon Activation
The Dragon Activation session was truly transformative. I discovered so many facets of myself and my dragon lineages that I had never had before and now I am able to connect easier with them and other dragons and make a difference to Humanity, Mother Earth, fellow dragons, dragon homes and the whole cosmos. I am so honored to have these opportunities to serve more and serve better. So grateful.
Cenly Wong on Dragon Activation
The Dragon Activation session was very heart opening and illuminating. I discovered many new things about myself and my dragon lineages that I had never had before and now I am able to connect easier. During the activation, I felt a strong energy going through my spine and really opening up my Heart and whole body tingling/nice electric feeling ! Very grateful for the experience .
Øivind Hjelle on Dragon Activation
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Jennifer Delmage Leese on Dragon Activation
USA, Tao Healer & Spiritual Consultant
I am so honored to write a testimonial for the Dragon connection. If you have ever felt an affinity with Dragons during your life there is probably a good reason why. This may be the group of people you have been looking for, all of them brought together through their own connections to the Dragon worlds and dimensions. Each of the people in the group has special connections, wisdom, and abilities to share. Once you have the Dragon world activated and learn the teachings, wisdom, history, and messages from the dragons, you will be aligned with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Dragons. The classes on Dragons bring in new experiences and dimensions rarely taught in the world, very expansive knowledge. The work that is being done with the dragon energy is the most fulfilling, knowing you have the ability to connect and work with your own Dragon energy is beyond anything you have experienced, and will lead greater awareness of what is possible. So, grab a Dragon and soar to new heights.
Patty Leclair on Dragon Activation
USA, Tao Healer & Spiritual Consultant
Yoong Tran and Jeudi Boulom provided me with a fascinating soul-reading session. It began with an absorbing automatic-drawing process, and the session involved commentary on the drawing, plus a flow and a guided meditation. Jeudi and Yoong are intuitive, and they aim to profoundly illuminate your soul situation and to put you into a new phase of life. I was relaxed and in a good mood when we started, and felt more so by the end. The information was intriguing, and perhaps I’ll now be a little wiser.
Joel Russ on Dragon Ball Healing