Success Stories: High Fever Gone in 30 Minutes!

Dr. Jeudi Boulom shares her recent experience with Tao Science Healthcare on the wonderful transformation her patient experienced after only 30 minutes of remote energy work! Watch this video from the Tao Science Healthcare.

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Tao Hands Reduces Fever in 30 minute remote session!

✨Tao Science Practitioner Success Stories✨ Dr. Jeudi Boulom from Boulom Chiropractic shares a remarkable success story of a patient who’s fever dropped and completely recovered from an acute illness with a 30minute remote Tao Hands session! Discussion with Christi Mendoza LAc of South Bay Total Health about how the Tao Science Medical system has been a valuable tool for various medical fields during the pandemic.

Posted by Tao Science Healthcare on Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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