Journey to Self Mastery March 19th-20th

In this event, learn how to integrate the “dragon energy” to transform your life. Discover paths to unlock the infinite source field for healing and raising your inner consciousness.  When you discover the inner power within you and begin taking the journey within, healing can begin and you will access to more manifestation to bring prosperity throughout your life.  The process of self mastery can be a long journey but this event will show you the path and modalities to navigate through this all together.  If this resonates with you, join us on March 19th and the 20th at 10am to 2pm!



What is Journey To Self Mastery?

One can think of self mastery as the cultivation of one’s self. To identify the struggles of the physical, the thoughts, the emotions and actions of the self and bring them to complete peace, harmony and balance.  Throughout our human experiences, we has a people have attempted to search and control the self through certain means of practices, rituals, ceremonies, though forms or relinquishing all together the worldly life in order to gain mastery in the most rudimentary form.

The journey to self mastery continues to be a difficult have path thus the path of least traveled. Yet for those who seek it and walk it, the reward is  unlimited.

Path to Self Mastery

Bring many levels of awakeness to the self. The path brings peace to the seeker, allows the flow and difficulties facing life to become  serene.

When you are in the path, the journey of self mastery, many qualities from within you have the potential of birthing.  These are some of the potentials:

  • Awareness of self and source
  • Awareness of surrounding (external and internal environment)
  • Overcoming obstacles of external and internal forces
  • Recognizing unlimited power within to help us navigate through life with ease
  • The gift of seeing with the inner eye
  • Ability to rewrite your destiny
  • Self healing of the soul, mind and body


The struggles of life, pains and traumas are part of the journey especially it can be amplified when one begins seeking within. This path can become very difficult and we recognized this through our own inner journeys.

Purpose of event?

Because of the struggles we have encountered in our journey of self mastery, we bring forth this event to help guide those who begin seeking or are in the process of their journey.  We want to share our modalities and protocols to help smooth out this journey. And yes the journey does become easier as you discover your own self.

Not only do we want to support you but we are here together to support each other and to elevate humanity and help our planet thrive.  For each seeker stepping into their journey, more light energetically is brought forth to help heal humanity and the planet. Through this effort, we recognize we can impact each other and the planet and so we wish to help speed up the process for humanity to overcome and become self master.

3 reviews for Journey to Self Mastery March 19th-20th

  1. K.D

    I am so very grateful for Dr. Jeudi Boulom and the opportunity to have received care from her for both my physical body and my spirit body. I was struggling with self-esteem and battling with addiction,
    Dr. Jeudi took me under her wing and helped me learn self-Love. I am now 100% drug and alcohol free living a life of absolute joy and anticipation for what is still to come!!

  2. N.J (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Dr. Jeudi who is emotionally or spiritually blocked in their lives. I first saw Jeudi when I was suffering from severe depression. The kind of depression where it’s hard to get up in the morning, or to find meaning in your life. It was bleak. I met Jeudi during this time, and I can honestly say she may have saved my life. My business is now thriving, and most of all, my depression has been reduced.

  3. E.B (verified owner)

    I saw Dr.Jeudi when I was struggling with depression and a great feeling of confusion about my career. I saw her for both chiropractic and for coaching, and she exceeded my expectations on both counts. Her chiropractic was subtle and yet penetratingly deep. That, along with her coaching, completely changed my life. I’m not making this up!

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Journey to Self Mastery March 19th-20th