Dragon Ball Energy

Dragon Ball Energy is a modality using a form of light ball that is energetically dragon in nature. This dragon ball carries tremendous light and is a vessel to contain many positive and transformative frequencies.  Dragon ball can be use to help you transform your mind, body and soul as well as can be use to transform negative to positive such as bringing manifestation to better your spiritual outcome.

Because dragon balls can be use to carry lights, this service is intended for one specific for transformative outcome.



What is Dragon Ball?

Throughout our history especially from the east and even to modern pop culture, there is this concept of dragons and dragon ball.  For some it is interpreted as just that a cultural heritage or that the ball is a symbolic meaning of authority or treasures.  However from the esoteric meaning, the dragon ball is an energetic light compressed in a form of a ball. It is a carrier of source energy and can be thought of as a gate or portal to other dimensional realms and universes.  The dragon ball is in a way can be considered as a container and also vessel of the light energy.  Because dragon ball is a container, it can hold power positive energies or bring balance in unbalanced places, as well as transmuting dark to light. 

How does it work?

Dragon balls are use in this purpose to promote positive changes and transformation.  Dragon balls are formed with the user’s intention of bringing forth the Dragon Energy from source and creating a container ball to hold the positive energies within. Practitioners add unique frequencies and codes to the Dragon Ball for a particular intention requester.  Because of the nature of the dragon ball, it can only be done if the user agrees to receive.  Dragon Balls is created for the purpose of positive changes and to assist in empower self awareness of the connection to source. It cannot be used for dark purposes.


For this particular service. This is a one time healing service that can be schedule with a Dragon Activation practitioner. The one time service for one request for an area of the body, one system of the body, one relationship, or one emotion.

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Success Stories

2 reviews for Dragon Ball Energy

  1. Joel Russ

    Yoong Tran and Jeudi Boulom provided me with a fascinating soul-reading session. It began with an absorbing automatic-drawing process, and the session involved commentary on the drawing, plus a flow and a guided meditation. Jeudi and Yoong are intuitive, and they aim to profoundly illuminate your soul situation and to put you into a new phase of life. I was relaxed and in a good mood when we started, and felt more so by the end. The information was intriguing, and perhaps I’ll now be a little wiser.

  2. Evelyn

    Evelyn was experiencing severe low back pain and she couldn’t drive to Dr. Jeudi’s Clinic because the pain was so intense. She called Dr. Jeudi and Dr. Jeudi have her sit in a safe place so she can offer remote Tao Hands to Evelyn. After the session was over, Evelyn pain improved and she fell asleep. ​

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Dragon Ball Energy