Dragon Activation Service – Option 3

Dragon Activation is designed to help clients to achieve their life fulfillment, inner peace, prosperity, and a deeper connection to Spirit. Both Holistic Wellness Coach and the Dragon Activation method are considered part of the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (collectively the “CAM-Methods”). The our team’s intent is to support the clients in developing and stabilizing new energy habits and releasing negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and mental and emotional obstacles that may be interfering with the client’s ability to experience a deep sense of connectedness with their own inner-being. Our team may suggest additional services and coaching to the client based on the team’s assessment if they feel that it would be helpful before, during, or after a session; client may accept or decline based on their comfortable level. Please be advised the client has the option of using individually or collectively the CAM-Methods offered by the our team as part of your work with us.



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Dragon Activation Service – Option 3