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Thank you for inquiring about the Dragon Activation Service.  Having the Dragon Activation is to amplify your energetic field to access all higher aspects of your inner self to so that more gifts, abilities and transformation can come to you quickly.  Furthermore, it allows you to become attune to the dragon energy so that you can connect with the dragons who are working with you to assist in your soul journey and soul purpose on Earth.

To inquire and apply for this service, please “add to cart” and check out this service to apply. We will then reach out to you shortly after you apply.  Because of the nature of this service, in order to move forward, we need to gain permission from the divine and your higher self before you can register for the service.



What is Dragon Activation?

Having the Dragon Activation is to help you amplify your energetic field in order to access all of the higher aspects of your inner self. This greatly increases you to opening more gifts/abilities and transformation at a quicker pace. More importantly it opens the field to allow you connect more to source that is within all of us. The activation attunes you to the dragon energy so that you can connect with the dragons who are there and willing to assist you in your soul journey and soul purpose on Earth.  If you are reading this, then it is likely you are being guided to the Dragon Activation and you most likely have a spiritual connection with the Dragons.

Learn more what dragons and their role and purpose, you can click on this link

In the activation, we create a space or field for the dragon energy to surround you so that you can receive your dragon key. How this works is that by knowing every thing comes down to frequency. For example when you surround yourself with low frequency in your field, your body, mind, emotion exhibits that frequency. When you raise your frequency, your outlook, your body and everything else gets uplifted.  So in the activation we call on this higher frequency field aligned to the dragon frequency. We called on this field to surround you in such a way that it helps you and your body match to the higher frequency. The reason for attune your field to this higher vibration is so that you can receive your key so that your soul can access more of you in higher dimensions.  To be specific this key is only for you and with this key, you can access more of source energy that within you.  Our role is to provide an opportunity for you to access that key. The key in itself can be thought of as a frequency code that is unique to your soul.

Why Dragon Activation is needed?

Through synchronicity, our team was form in 2018 through the guidance of the dragons and source.  We were brought together and were guided to connect to the dragons and source. Many more synchronicities, initiations, and tests came our way and with that we received the key to access the dragon energy field to help activate souls to find their true self and power  And especially, those souls who are of a dragon lineage to find.

Learn more how we came to be, you can click on this link

The activation is greatly needed and there is an urgency for souls to rediscover who they are and their nature and power.  As you can see, we don’t have much time and Gaia/Mother Earth is on her way to ascend. Humanity needs to match her frequency in order to bring about a smooth transition, otherwise we risk a non optimal timeline.  Souls born at this time who feels a higher purpose are needed to be awaken and activated to their true self to partake in channeling more light to Gaia.

In end of 2018, we were guided to a sacred dragon area, the calling was made to call all dragons to awaken and spread their wings. Are you one to received the call? Now is the time for all dragon souls to come together to help Gaia and humanity.

Benefits from the Activation

When you are activated, there are many opportunities and gifts that can open to you. See what others that have gone through the activation below.

  • Connect with your dragon guides
  • New awareness and insight can help shift your paradigm.
  • Opening special abilities can show up to you.
  • Self love and empowerment to burn all that is not align to your higher self comes more at a rapid pace.
  • Manifestation shows up in your life more presently. 
  • Access to the dragon support group and its members to gain invaluable insights and receive new information from the dragons and more.

Dragon Support Group

As more members become activated, we have an ongoing support group to assist in their spiritual journey as well as deepening their connection with source and their dragon guides. Additionally the support group covers new information that we receive from the dragons and new dragon energy modalities that are shared to us.  We hope to continue to expand the Dragon Support group and to service our fellow dragon members so that they can share their light and use dragon energy to serve Gaia and humanity.

Hear what people are saying.

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4 reviews for Dragon Activation Inquiry

  1. Harsha Singh

    I sincerely thank Dr.Jeudi, Yoong, Vivienne, Scott, and John for being guided to create such a beautiful and powerful team.

    Like many others, I have always loved dragons. I would watch animated cartoons, movies and read books on dragons and feel really sad that such a thing was not possible in today’s world, and when I heard about dragon blessings, and the dragon activation through the dragon team, my heart and soul jumped for joy!! I knew in my heart that this was it and finally the wait was over!

    The dragon activation has been indescribably powerful because this has empowered us to not just move ahead, but to surge ahead and open our wings to soar in our life’s and soul’s journeys. I had experiences of seeing my dragons, when I slept, and felt them, and spoke in an ancient mix of languages..it’s been phenomenal!!

    With the Divine Dragons everything in my life has amplified to a level beyond anything I could have dreamed of! They have boosted me in every way possible by guiding me, protecting me, and just being there for me every step of the way.

    I invite the dragons to be with me at all times, even when I do healing, and their presence itself magnifies the energies, vibrations and frequencies, and uplifts the field being created during healing sessions/workshops and even day to day life. Their Divine powers needs to be experienced personally!!

    The Dragon Team has been extremely supportive by guiding us and helping us in order to overcome our obstacles and just being with everyone, including all the dragons has helped me to align myself more fully with Spiritual path, and with the Divine much more strongly. It is extraordinary how the divine dragons help us in getting to where we want to be in such a short span of time and loving and supporting us so unconditionally.

    I am so thankful to Dr.Jeudi, Vivienne, Scott, Yoong, and John for all that you do for us, it’s just amazing being with all of you, and feels like I have found my family. It’s a dream come true for me, it truly is! Thank you!!!!! Go dragon team!! 🙏😀

    Regards, Harsha

  2. Øivind Hjelle

    The Dragon Activation session was very heart opening and illuminating. I discovered many new things about myself and my dragon lineages that I had never had before and now I am able to connect easier. During the activation, I felt a strong energy going through my spine and really opening up my Heart and whole body tingling/nice electric feeling ! Very grateful for the experience .

  3. Patty Leclair

    I am so honored to write a testimonial for the Dragon connection. If you have ever felt an affinity with Dragons during your life there is probably a good reason why. This may be the group of people you have been looking for, all of them brought together through their own connections to the Dragon worlds and dimensions. Each of the people in the group has special connections, wisdom, and abilities to share. Once you have the Dragon world activated and learn the teachings, wisdom, history, and messages from the dragons, you will be aligned with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Dragons. The classes on Dragons bring in new experiences and dimensions rarely taught in the world, very expansive knowledge. The work that is being done with the dragon energy is the most fulfilling, knowing you have the ability to connect and work with your own Dragon energy is beyond anything you have experienced, and will lead greater awareness of what is possible. So, grab a Dragon and soar to new heights.

  4. Cenly Wong

    The Dragon Activation session was truly transformative. I discovered so many facets of myself and my dragon lineages that I had never had before and now I am able to connect easier with them and other dragons and make a difference to Humanity, Mother Earth, fellow dragons, dragon homes and the whole cosmos. I am so honored to have these opportunities to serve more and serve better. So grateful.

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