Journey to Self Mastery

$ 100

״My business is now thriving, and most of all, my depression has been reduced."

A New Journey to Life

Take back your life! Become your authentic self. This workshop will give you the tools and support you need!

Knowledge is Power

Learn ancient wisdom and latest science showing you the power is within you.

Ancient Practices in modern Times

Obtain hidden ancient wisdom and practices. Learn how to apply them to unlock the energy field we call the "dragon energy"

Self Channel to Raise your field

Learn how to integrate body Mind Soul. With this you can begin to see real transformation

We are One

Realize we are one and we all tap into the same field but it depends on our frequency and vibration to access higher frequency knowledge, wisdom and treasures.

The Path to Self Mastery

With the right tool, guidance and practice. This workshop will further your journey of self mastery.

What is Self Mastery

Awareness of self and source

Awareness of surrounding (external and internal environment)

Overcoming obstacles of external and internal forces

Recognizing unlimited power within to help us navigate through life with ease

Ability to rewrite your destiny

Who we are?

Dr. Jeudi Boulom has been practicing Chiropractic for over 20 years. Because of her spiritual background and life experiences, it has taught her to keep an open mind. Her pursuit to better serve her patients has led her to research 15 years on eastern medicine and healing energy. Through her research, she developed a protocol that has help her patients experience tremendous healing and results.

In 2018, she formed a team of service minded individuals to bring forth new healing modalities to humanity that she saw have greatly benefited her patients.

See What Others Are Saying


“I am now 100% drug and alcohol free”


“My business is now thriving, and most of all, my depression has been reduced. ”


“Her coaching, completely changed my life.”