Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to serve and bring more light to Gaia and Humanity. And to help shed light on the Dragons and why they are coming forth once again on mother earth and to our consciousness. Through the Dragon Activation services, we assist souls to remember who they are and why they are here on Earth at this time of great change. We hold the dragon energy field for souls to remember their connections with the dragons and to connect more deeply to their gifts and talents. To unleash the infinite power within us to serve Gaia and humanity with the strength, energy, clarity, and fearlessness of Dragons!

How Dragon Activation was born?

Each of us goes through life experiences needed for us to one day have the sufficient amount of that experiences and wisdom for us to step into our role or shall we say destiny.  Whether the life experiences amount to hardship, trauma, acts of courage, acts of compassion and forgiveness that we each face through many challenges in our life; they make us stronger and help us see our compacity to face life onward. What we may not realized is that we seek these opportunities in life to help us navigate back to source, back to our true self, to find who we are and our role in this lifetime. For us through the act of synchronicities or by the grace of God that have led us to come together in ways we couldn’t see before that we would be serving Gaia and humanity along with our fellow Dragons in this  great and grand awakening. Everyday, we are grateful for being awaken and being chosen to serve in this specific task with the Dragons.  We are deeply humbled and in awe in the glory the divine plan.

Our story starts in the summer of 2018 at the ECETI Ranch in Washington, USA. More to come as we recollect and tell of this amazing story.