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Soul Energy Healing

Our modalities address issues at the soul level so that the physical aspect of life challenges such as stress, chronic conditions, difficulty sleeping, relationships, and finances could transform to a more prosperous, healthy, happy and stress free life.

Spiritual & Life Coaching

The coaching services that we provide brings a unique guidances and solutions to all aspects of life challenges. Our approach help clients to realize the underlying root cause to all of their limitation.

Dragon Activation

We generate a high resonance field for the client to be able to activate their dormant consciousness. This allows them to experience an expansive version of themselves, so they can transform their physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationship and spiritual challenges.

What we term term Dragon is the embodiment of the transformation universal energy. And when one gets activated, the resonance of this universal energy becomes manifested in physical form in life.

Discover The Benefits


Learn to quickly bring universal energy into reality to uplift all aspect of life.

Strengthen Inner Being

Receive total inner self trust, love, appreciation, compassion, worth, and much more

MultiLayer Awareness

Develop heighten multi layer awareness and gain untapped wisdom and insights.

Heal and Enrich Relationships

Learn to transform and harmonize relationships with love ones, work life and society.

Success Stories

Principle Approach To
Our Soul Healing Service

About Us

Jeudi Boulom

 Jeudi is a successful Chiropractic Doctor who has been in her practice for over 26 years. She is a survivor of the “Killing Fields” in Cambodia that occurred in the 70s during the Kymher Rouge autracity.

Having been a survivor from that war, a survivor of starvation and enslavement to coming to America as child has greatly open her heart to wanting to help build a better world where there are abundance, peace and properity. Since being child in the worst condition that war offers, she naturally learned to manifest abundance and have used it to survie in a land with what seems to be no hope or way out. She has use her modality and gift of manifestation since a child and where she is at in her life and family now. Armed with her experience and her skill to transforming all aspects of life throughout her personal and professional life; She is now offering her unique gifts to the life coaching and soul energy healing in order serve humanity. Her love for humanity and wish for a better world for every humman being and future generations is what has led her to bring forth her love and compassion to serve as part of the Dragon Activation team.

Yoong Tran

 Yoong is also refugee and experienced the aftermap of the Vietnam War and great diaspora that came with the migration of thousand of people across the world.

He was born in refugee camp whose mother was pregnant with him at the time of traveling by boat in hope to secure a future for all 7 kids while being pregnant with him. Although he was born as a refugee with no memories of the experience, the life stories of his family has impact his heart to serve humanity so all future generations no longer experience war, hardship and suffering. His professional field in technology with his unique gifts of channeling enables him to have an approach to coaching and the aspect of soul healing.

Vivienne Tang

 Vivienne is an expert in the field of biology and has work as a scientist for many years. Her story is unique and as well as one of many survivors of “Boat People” or refugees that was a result from the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

Because of her experience as a refugee and a surivor of the great boat migration, where so many risk their lives and family’s life for a better future, she sees the suffer of humanity and has since a child been wanting to heal humanities wounds and end suffering. Her experience of suffering and traumas from that migration to adapting to a new life in American and then to transforming all of that struggles both internally and externally to a life of success, love and prosperity that she has now. With her experience and natural soul gifts and her understanding of biology and the sytem of life gives a truly special approach to coaching and in the modality of healing energy work.

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Rich Quality of Life

 Do you want to transform all aspect of your life so that you can truly enjoy life becoming healthier, have more energy, increases in prosperity and finances, having a better relationship with love ones, have more clarity in the mind and a balanced emotion?

 All of these pearl of qualities of life are available to you. Let us work with you so that you can experience the life that all humanity deserves. So we say to you “How would you know what a pear taste like unless you try it?” Now is to the time to make that change and taste the pear!